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Genomics (Genetic) Analysis

Opus 23 is a genomic analysis program that helps me parse the data from over 700,000 variations in the human genome that science has identified to date. Having such a HUGE amount of data on a patient down to the gene level helps me to further personalize my approach by identifying trends in how your body’s systems are functioning, what diseases you may be predisposed to, and how your current health concerns may be addressed through gene targeting. This can be addressed through diet, lifestyle, and botanicals.

  • To learn more about Opus 23 and how it may guide your treatment plan: [Click Here]
  • If you’re hesitant about learning so much about your genetics find out why I think your genes shouldn’t scare you, watch the following video: [Click Here]
  • The Opus 23 report you will be provided with in office will contain:○Disease and symptom susceptibility patterns
    • Identification of any rare SNP’s (learn what these are in the video above!)
    • Nutrigenomic Food List: A list of beneficial/avoid foods based on your genetic makeup
    • Drug reaction data: potential adverse and beneficial effects of pharmaceuticals shown

to be unique to your genes

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