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Zen Love: Calm/Anxiety (in saline)

Wound Love: Reduce Inflammation/Speed Recovery (in saline)

Immune Love: Immunity (in saline)

Heart Love: Heart (in saline)

Glutathione Push (in saline)

Divine Love: Libido (in saline)

Divine Age Love: Anti-Aging, Youthful and Vibrancy (in saline)

Breathe Free Love: Lungs (in saline)

Brain Love: Neuro Rebuild & Support; Heavy Metal Chelator

Body Love: Fat Metabolism (in saline)

Cervical Dysplasia Solutions Program

Who is this package for?
This special 6-month naturopathic treatment package is for female patients who have had an “abnormal” pap smear and are seeking natural remedies/solutions for Cervical Dysplasia. You may or may not be exhibiting symptoms.

What is Cervical Dysplasia and how does it affect your health?
Cervical Dysplasia is a condition caused by a virus called “HPV” (Human Papilloma Virus) that affects the cells on your cervix. This virus can enter your body through sexual contact, even with an otherwise healthy sexual partner.
As the condition is frequently symptom-free, many women have no idea they have Cervical Dysplasia until they are told that results of their routine pap smear have come back as “abnormal”.

Oxidative Stress Preventionand Treatment Package

Who is this package for?
This special 6-month naturopathic treatment package is for patients who have been diagnosed with an oxidative stress issue, suspect they may have one, and/or want to prevent oxidative stress from developing into a serious health issue.

What Is Oxidative Stress?
Oxidative stress (OS) is a slow process that can cause serious long-term health issues. It occurs when the cells and tissue in your body “oxidize”, meaning they show the effects of being exposed to oxygen in a toxic form. Even though oxygen is essential for life, oxygen also turns into “free radicals”. If not counter-balanced with anti-oxidants, free radicals can damage cells, overwhelm the body,


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